Papers please

Since a couple people have asked, after some comments I made here and there…

Yes, we did get married. All official like and everything. The bribes offered by the State and Federal government (in the form of tax breaks and less hassle explaining that I could handle medical decisions) were too much incentive. It overwhelmed my distaste for the institution. I don’t believe the government has any business regulating the relationships of two (or more) consenting adults, or even registering them beyond the bare minimum necessary to deal with bureaucratic needs. I disagree with the benefits of the registration, if you’re going to give any, being unevenly applied. And I strongly believe that if you feel you need some sort of legal protection to mingle finances or households or have kids with someone, you shouldn’t be doing those things with or without that protection. Yeah, I know, things go bad, people aren’t who you thought they were, whatever. Even I have my moments of idealism.

We didn’t mention it at the time because of how much I dislike the institution. And I’m still not going to mention the date on the certificate, because it is, in all honesty, nothing more than paperwork as far as I’m concerned. (Plus, it brings back bad memories of dealing with Ohio’s stupid rules and regulations, which seem designed to make everything as difficult as possible. I needed a birth certificate to trade my Colorado license for an Ohio one, because apparently it’s easy to forge out of state licenses, but pieces of paper from the 70’s are ironclad documents. I’m convinced they got a grant to treat bureaucracy as a performance art and forgot to stop.)

I have taken some crap for not mentioning it, though, so if you’re the sort of person inclined to observe such things, November 19th is the date that’s always been more important to me, as it is the anniversary of the conversation that started this whole roller coaster ride. That actually makes this our fourth anniversary.

If you’re the type to throw money at these sorts of things, there’s the usual gift lists. Or you can get something from our Gluten Free Kitchen gift list, since that means a lot of cooking and a lot of expensive flour. But you can also let the day pass without comment, it if suits you.

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