And, we’re back!

So much for it being a transparent process.

I was just about ready to move my sites to the new provider when I got an email from my old provider, saying that my sites had been hacked because I was using an old version of WordPress, and that if I wanted them back, I needed to upgrade.

Of course, part of the reason I was moving them was because I couldn’t upgrade WordPress without upgrading the database, and they didn’t give me a easy way to upgrade the database.

Then there was a whole series of things on the part of the new provider that made the process of transitioning a little more difficult than it should have been.  Nothing bad really, just lots of little things.  Plus, despite getting a flu shot, I seem to have the flu.  So it sat for a while.

But we’re back!  If you’re one of the few people who had an account here before, it’s gone.  Fortunately, that’s not too big a deal.  As you can see from the sidebar, you can now log in with a variety of other accounts to make comments.  Your Google, Yahoo, LiveJournal, LinkedIn, Twitter, or OpenID account will work–or at least it should; let me know if you have any issues.   Unfortunately, the free version of the plugin I’m using only lets you select a few providers, but doesn’t let you change the graphic, so you can’t use all the services pictured there.  Working on that.

If I should write anything you find interesting, you should also be able to automatically share it on Twitter with a little button at the bottom. is still down, but I think I’ll be moving that content to anyway, if I can just find a way to get it out of the current site.  We’ll see.

EDIT: OK, so the original Twitter thing wasn’t working, but the new one is.  Now to see if I can make those extra icons go away.

EDIT2: And now the extra icons are dealt with.  You’d think I play with web pages for a living or something.

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